EOI N°02/APUA/ANCEE/CI-PP 2020 of February 19 2020

Recruitment of an English training engineering expert for the African Network of Centres of Excellence in Electricity (ANCEE)
Multinational Sector: Electricity
Convention AfDB: 2100155029817

1-Association of Power Utilities of Africa (APUA) has received funding from the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) to cover the cost of the African Network of Centers of Excellence in Electricity (ANCEE) and intends to use part of the sums granted under this grant to finance an English training engineering experts to support ANCEE Unit Coordination.

2- The services planned under this contract include:
Engineering :
- To ensure the existence or development by the CoE of pedagogical Technical Data Sheets for each training theme and to ensure that they are regularly updated.
- Ensure technical monitoring in the field of pedagogical engineering.
- Ensure consistency between the needs expressed by the Power Utilities and the training courses proposed by the Center of Excellence.
Planning :
- Collect and analyze, for the area concerned, the training needs of beneficiaries (CoE)
- Validate the training offers drawn up by the CoEs and the systems for carrying out training actions;
- Consolidate and establish the pedagogical chronogram.
- Decide on the duration of the proposed training, its content and pedagogical progression, the type of training (off-site or attendance) as well as the proposed budget.
Development component :
 -To ensure the constant improvement of the training courses offered by ANCEE and to initiate, together with the Center of Excellence, new courses in relation to the improvement of technics, the structuring of the companies and the support of the changes within them.
 -To contribute to the improvement of the training evaluation system within the Center
of Excellence and in particular the post-training evaluation.
Achievement component :
 -Implement the training programs included in an annual plan for all the CoEs in the area covered in the required quality, deadlines and cost.
 -To ensure that training activities are carrying out according to pre-established performance parameters.
- Ensure the consistency of the performance plan in relation to the needs of the companies.
 -Distribute the training actions and improvement themes between the various CoEs concerned.
- Contribute to the proceedings of the APUA Scientific Committee.
- Chair, facilitate and/or participate in the various meetings and/or commissions relevant to its field of activity.
- Participate in canvassing and marketing to the CoE in its geographical area.
- Ensure the reliability of the educational certification documents (Certificate of schooling, success, and internship certificates, etc.) issued by the CoE.
- Develop a database of trainers who best meet the criteria of training excellence and who should represent the ANCEE’s key strength.
- Implement and maintain and update a training management application;
- Follow-up and ensure that recommendations from the CoEs are taken into account after completion of training;
- Ensure and participate in the facilitation of training workshops relating to the implementation of the training pedagogical level of the trainers.

Reporting component :
- Elaborate and communicate to the Coordinator the periodical follow-up of the pedagogical report.

3- The Coordination Unit (UdC) invites individuals consultants to submit their applications in order to provide the services described above. Interested consultants must provide information on their capacity and experience demonstrating that they are qualified for the services (documentation, reference of similar services, experience in comparable missions, etc.).

4- Eligibility criteria and selection procedure will be in accordance with the

«Bank Rules and Procedures, May 2008 Edition, Revised in July 2012"; which are available on the Bank's website at It should be noted that the interest shown by a firm does not imply any obligation on the part of the Project to be select.

5- Interested consultants can obtain additional information from the address below during the following office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m local time or GMT, or on the websites at: and

6- Expressions of interest can be submitted in French and must be submitted to the address below no later than March 11, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. local time or GMT, expressly marked « EOI N° 02/APUA/ANCEE/CI-PP/2020 » Carrying out Recruitment of a english training engineering experts for the African Network of Centres of Excellence in Electricity (ANCEE)".

Expression of interest by electronic means is allowed.

Coordination Unit of the African Network of Centers of Excellence in Electricity
To the attention of Mr. Mitiche Reda El Hadi,
Coordinator of ANCEE Coordination Unit
Address: 06 BP 1444 Abidjan 06 - Côte d'Ivoire
Deux-Plateaux Les Vallons 3rd Tranche Lot 1761
Telephone: (+225) 22 516 116 or (+ 225) 22 516 117
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